(trainee) Operator Folding & Gluing machines

Do you think it is cool to see cardboard packaging in a supermarket that you have put the finishing touches to? Then a position of Operator Folding & Gluing Machine is definitely for you!

This is what you will do:
After your colleagues have printed the cardboard sheets and punched them into the right shape, you and your colleague get to work folding, gluing and preparing the packaging for dispatch to the customer on one of our folding gluing machines. We have machines from Jagenberg, MK (Heidelberg) and Heiber Schroeder.

We produce everything from simple cardboard wrappers to the most ingeniously folded boxes. Packaging with longitudinal seam, autolock, 4-point or 6-point, conical packaging or packaging with a window. As an operator, you ensure that this packaging is folded and glued correctly down to the last detail. You are very critical of the final product that goes to the customer. Not satisfied? Then you make sure the machine is adjusted so that the customer gets a big 10.

Your colleague manually wraps the end product in cartons or one of our modern articulated-arm robots. Right from the machine onto the pallet for the customer.

In this role, you will work in a 2-shift operation.

This is you:
You are a true professional with a keen eye for detail; someone who cares that the end result is right down to the last detail. If in doubt; you do not hesitate to consult your colleague or team leader.

This position requires an intermediate vocational education (MBO) level, but we do not like to hold on to this piece of paper. Don't have any experience yet? That's no problem either! We will gladly teach you the trade on-the-job.

An eye for detail and technical insight is important for this job, though. You also like to form a real team with your colleague: together you go for that big 10!

What we offer you:

  • The position is classified according to the Kartoflex collective labour agreement with a salary between € 2.556,- tot € 3.011,- gross per 4 weeks for a 36-hour working week. If you have no knowledge of the trade yet, but would like to work as an apprentice, you will receive a salary between € 2.102,- en € 2.318,- gross per 4 weeks.
  • Because you work in 2 shifts, you will receive 16% shift bonus on top of your salary
  • In period 5 you will receive 8% holiday pay
  • Because relaxation is also very important, you will receive 25 holidays and because you work in shifts, you will get 1 extra
  • We start with a 1-year contract, but with the prospect of a permanent contract
  • Good pension scheme with Pensioenfonds PGB
  • If you have not been ill all year, you will receive a non-absence bonus
  • We offer you free online training to improve your personal skills
  • Fresh fruit is replenished a few times a week
  • We have an active staff association
  • You receive a discount on your fitness subscription
  • And if your contract is converted to a permanent contract, you can make use of lease-a-bike

What next?
Are you interested in joining the Acket team in the role of Operator Folding & Gluing Machine? Then send an email with your resume and motivation to info@acket.nl and we might invite you for a cup of coffee (or something else) to get better acquainted. If we have a mutual click, we would love to welcome you to our team!

If you have any questions about the vacancy, please contact the office on 0412 - 699 799 or send an e-mail to info@acket.nl. We will be happy to explain the vacancy further.

We are recruiting both internally and externally for this vacancy. Internal candidates will be given priority for filling the vacancy.