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Innovative market leader in the field of folding carton packaging. Acket family-owned packaging business has produced folding carton boxes for more than 135 years for the food, non-food and specials & exclusive markets. Our experience, knowledge and expertise are at your disposal throughout the comprehensive process from idea to packaging.

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Working with Acket means:

  • More than 135 years of food and packaging knowledge;
  • Knowlegde of your sector;
  • From advice to design;
  • A set client team;
  • Industry leader in the field of printing, die cutting and cardboard packaging;
  • Optimum stock management and distribution;
  • Sharing of reports and dashboards.

Vacancy (apprentice) Operator Die-cutting machine

Interested in die cutting carton sheets at one of the most modern organisations in the folding carton market?

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Vacancy (apprentice) Machine adjuster Cardboard packaging

Interested in folding and affixing carton packaging using the most modern machines available on the market?

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