Production processes


DTPAll digitally delivered files are processed through our ArtPro software system. After the DTP process PDF files are sent for approval by the customer. If desired, we also supply chemical or printproofs (on the chosen substrate).

Computer To Plate

CTPThe approved files are being sent to the CTP machine that fully automatically processes the printing plates in less then 5 minutes per plate.


drukkenIn the printshop we have four printing presses (3B size) with 2 – 6 colours, printing is done on folding carton (200-600 gsm). F as well as G and N flute. All machines have dispersionlacquer facilities.

UV lacquer

One of our presses is a UV machine enabling printing with UV inks and finishing by UV lacquer in either matt or high gloss or even a combination.

Upgrading / conversion

veredelenAfter printing we can proceed with material upgrades as holographics, silverlaminating or hot-foil.


stansPrior to production, final quality die-cutting proofs are often made in close cooperation with packaging machine suppliers to ensure an optimum production result for the customers filling/ packaging equipment.


vensterenBy adding an acetate or styrene window tot the carton product visibility is strongly enhanced. On this machine we also produce the Crystal Airbox® patented dust-tight systempacks.

Folding / gluing

vouwenNext to the printed image, the folding/gluing design also enables a packaging to stand out. Our activities in many different market segments have given us a great deal of experience with a wide range of carton designs.